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Picture SMS

With this new feature, you may now add a link in your SMS to a picture. Sometimes, it is difficult to describe a product, such as a new food menu, or a property or even a new clothing line. Let the picture do the selling, a picture can tell a story that words alone cannot describe.
You know the benefits of SMS marketing but did you know if you add a picture, your odds of success are so much better.

For instance, recently we had a client who send out 2 SMS
One had a picture on it
The other didn't
The results were remarkable
The one with picture on it pull in 26% more enquiries
And, the best part is, there is NO additional cost to send a sms with a picture

It is very simple to send SMS with picture. Simply upload an image you wish to send. Next, send a few test sms to your phone. Our system will scale the image according to your phone resolution. Once you are satisfied, request for approval and you are good to go to broadcast sms with a picture to your customers

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